Episode 4: Sgt. Fury #4 “Lord Ha-Ha’s Last Laugh!”

SgtFury004Sgt. Fury #4 is based on the real-life story of Lord Haw-Haw (which Dion knew all about and Brian didn’t—laugh at Brian’s ignorance, laugh we tell you!), but of course turned into a fightin’ action epic in the mighty Marvel style! The Howling Commandos head for the heart of Nazi Germany, into Berlin itself, on a mission to extract the British traitor known as “Lord Ha-Ha,” but the traitor’s true identity makes this mission a little more personal for one Sgt. Nicholas Fury. Add in the momentous loss of a Howling Commando, and you’ve got another classic comic! Brian and Dion break the whole action-packed shebang down for you in this all-new episode of Wah-Hoo!

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