Monthly Archives: December 2014

Episode 9: Sgt. Fury #9 “Mission: Capture Adolf Hitler!”

SgtFury009It’s the biggest, baddest mission yet for Sgt. Fury and his Commandos! Their mission: get into the heart of Nazi Germany, and grab der Führer himself, Adolf Hitler! Of course, it’s not quite as simple as all that, thanks to the return of Baron Strucker, an appointment with a Nazi firing squad, and some unforeseen… “complications” from the storytelling end of things. It’s a bit of a reading slog for Brian and Dion this week, but they’ve turned their “problems” into podcasting pleasure in a rip-roaring episode of Wah-Hoo!

Episode 8: Sgt. Fury #8 “The Death Ray of Dr. Zemo!”

SgtFury008In this episode, we meet not one but two important new characters! It’s the first appearance of the villain who would go on to be one of Captain America and the Avengers’ toughest foes. But before he led the Masters of Evil, Baron Zemo got his start as Dr. Zemo, a Nazi scientist who has invented a death ray that could win the war for the Third Reich! So the Howling Commandos are sent to stop Dr. Zemo, and they’ve got the newest Howler in tow—meet the very British Percy Pinkerton!