Monthly Archives: November 2014

Episode 7: Sgt. Fury #7 “The Court-Martial of Sgt. Fury!”

SgtFury007Fury in the dock! The head Howler is on trial for his life after refusing a direct order and striking a superior officer. And the worst part is, Fury can’t remember why he did it! How will the Sarge get out of this one? Find out as Brian and Dion examine issue #7 of Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos in this all-new episode of Wah-Hoo!

Episode 6: Sgt. Fury #6 “The Fangs of the Desert Fox!”

SgtFury006This time around, the Howlers are going after an honest-to-goodness legend: the Desert Fox himself, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel and his Deutsches Afrika Korps. And not only that, but they’ve got themselves a new Howler in tow… but the new guy’s got a bit of an attitude problem that might wreck the whole mission. Yep, another week, another suicide mission for the Howling Commandos—and another episode of Wah-Hoo! giving you the in-depth story!